Curriculum Vitae


Ms. Rosimah Binti Ahmad

  • Programme Director, Banking & Finance and Finance & Economics, School Accounting and Finance (SOAF), Faculty Business and Law, Taylor's University Lakeside Campus, 01/01/2021 to 31/12/2023
  • Stream Coordinator, Finance Cluster, School of Accounting and Finance, Faculty Business and Law, Taylor's University Lakeside Campus , 19/09/2019 to 31/12/2020
  • Programme Director, Banking and Finance & Finance and Economics, Faculty Business and Law, Taylor's University, Lakeside Campus., 01/04/2016 to 31/03/2018
  • Stream Coordinator, Finance Cluster, Faculty Business and Law, Taylor's University, Lakeside Campus, 02/01/2015 to 31/03/2016
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Management Administration, VICTORIA UNIVERSITY WELLINGTON, New Zealand
  • Qualitative Research Association of Malaysia (QRAM) , Annual Member, 2023 to 2023 (National)
  • Corporate Governance, Personal Bankruptcy, Mutual Fund Performance, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Finance, Accounting and Finance Education (Forum Online) (Malaysia Code on Corporate Governance (MCCG), Personal Bankruptcy, Banking and Financial Institution, Forum Online)
(Course Title),(Level of Study),(Institution),(Month/Year)
  • Advanced Corporate Finance, Bachelor Degree, Taylor's University (04/2024)
  • Corporate Finance, Bachelor Degree, Taylor's University (04/2024)
  • Introduction to Finance, Bachelor Degree, Taylor's University (09/2023)
  • Advanced Corporate Finance, Bachelor Degree, Taylor's University (08/2023)
  • Corporate Finance, Bachelor Degree, Taylor's University (03/2023)
  • Advanced Corporate Finance, Bachelor Degree, Taylor's University (03/2022)
  • Advanced Corporate Finance, Bachelor Degree, Taylor's University (03/2021)
  • Advanced Corporate Finance, Bachelor Degree, Taylor's University (03/2021)
  • Advanced Corporate Finance , Bachelor Degree, Taylor's University (08/2021)
  • Personal Financial Planning, Bachelor Degree, Taylor's University (08/2021)
  • Advanced Corporate Finance, Bachelor Degree, Taylor's University (08/2020)
  • Credit Management, Bachelor Degree, Taylor's University (03/2017)
  • Bank Management, Bachelor Degree, Taylor's University (03/2016)
  • Advanced Corporate Finance, Bachelor Degree, Taylor's University (03/2015)
  • Advanced Corporate Finance, Bachelor Degree, Taylor's University (03/2014)
  • Corporate Finance, Bachelor Degree, Taylor's University (03/2013)
  • Corporate Finance, Bachelor Degree, Taylor's University (03/2012)
  • Introduction to Finance, Bachelor Degree, Taylor's University (10/2011)
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Article in Journals
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  • Alwi, S.; Ahmad, R.; Mustapha, M.; Mohamad, S.; and Yusof, S, H.(2021)The Stock Market Reaction to the Announcement of Government Policy on Restricted Movement Order Covid19 in the Travel, Leisure, and Service Industry. Review of International Geographical Education (RIGEO), 11(7), 163-170. (SCOPUS-Indexed)
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  • Rohaizan Ahmad, Mohamad Irwan Md Sagir, Syazwa Nabila Mohd Raidzun, Rosimah Ahmad,(2016). The use of ‘I’ by prominent academic writers: A comparison analysis on Nunan’s and Tomalinson’s papers, Applied Environmental and Biological Sciences, 6(10), 43-46 (ISI).
  • Eaw, N., Rajagopalan, U., Abdul Hamid, B., Khong K.W., Ahmad R., (2015).Psychographic Factors: Does it Influence Personal Bankruptcy in Malaysia. Australian Academy of Business and Social Sciences Journal, Volume 2, 72 -78.
Article in Proceeding
  • 2nd International Seminar Conference in UTM on Education and Higher Order Thinking Skills 2016
  • The Online Discussion Forum: Opening Gateway to Assess Higher Order Thing=king in Finance Course
(Contribution to Society),(Duration),(Level)
  • Trainer for Taylor's Community Program Keusahawanan CIMB Islamic Taylor's 2023. Module trained related to risk and business challenges to 60 B40 micro enterprise entrepreneurs from various sectors such as food seller and manufacturer, beverages, tailoring and traditional herbs and beauty centres., 09/09/2023 to 09/09/2023 (Community)
  • Guest Judge for Pitching Day for Program Keusahawanan PruKasih Taylor's which aims to provide a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to showcase their innovative business ideas. Main role for the guest judge is to motivate and empower these B40 entrepreneurs as well as contribute to the growth and success of these B40 entrepreneurs., 29/07/2023 to 29/07/2023 (Community)
  • Trainer for 100 participants from B40 group under CIMB flagship Entrepreneurship programme. The beneficiaries comprise of B40 community who are involved in small business by providing basic skills in finance. Title: The Budget Planning (Commuity), 29/06/2019 to 19/07/2019 (Community)