Ms. Nur Diana Binti Mohamed Rosli

Nur Diana Mohamed Rosli, Senior Lecturer, The Design School at Taylor’s University

Diana Rosli is passionate in making significant changes towards interior design education. She believes that an eclectic education approach and effective working relationship are crucial in creating a responsive learning attitude, effective learning environment in meeting the needs of our future designer. Her philosophy is always believing in yourself, your dreams and strives in order to make a difference in the lives of others through knowledge and wisdom.

Academic Qualification

  • Master of Science in Integrated Construction Project Mgmt, UNIVERSITI TEKNOLOGI MARA, -
  • Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design, MIDDLESEX UNIVERSITY, -
  • Diploma in Interior Design, INSTITUT TEKNOLOGI MARA, -

Professional Qualification

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Areas of Expertise

  • Humanities, Art And Culture, Design Studies

Research Interest

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  • LAM Policy and Procedure for Accreditation of Interior Design Programme, MAPS - Majlis Akreditasi Pendidikan Senibina Malaysia - Article in Journals


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Awards and Stewardship

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Paper Presented

  • Promoting Sustainable Development through Interior Design Education, Sustainability and Innovation II (SEMINAR), ORAL PRESENTER , 17/05/2013 to 17/05/2013
  • Sustainability towards Interior Design Education, Sustainability in Innovation (SEMINAR), ORAL PRESENTER , 15/02/2013 to 15/02/2013
  • Interior Design Education: a Vehicle for Sustainable Development in Malaysia, Towards Integrated and Innovative Green Living (SEMINAR), ORAL PRESENTER , 10/05/2013 to 12/05/2013
  • Incorporating Sustainability towards Interior Design Education in Malaysia, National Research & Innovation Conference for Graduate Students in Social Sciences (CONFERENCE), ORAL PRESENTER , 07/12/2012 to 09/12/2012