Associate Professor Dr Chang Yun Fah

Head of Programme - Actuarial Studies

School of Accounting and Finance

Faculty of Business & Law

Area: Statistics, Image Analysis & Pattern Recognition, Education

Expertise: Applied Statistics, Functional Relationship Models, Data and Business Analytics, Image Analysis, Machine Learning, Talent Development, TVET Education.

Available to Supervise Postgraduate Student: No.

Academic Qualification

  • Doctor of Philosophy, UNIVERSITY OF MALAYA, Malaysia
  • Ijazah Sarjana Sains, UNIVERSITI MALAYA, Malaysia
  • Sarjana Muda Sastera (Kepujian Kelas Kedua (Matematik)), UNIVERSITI MALAYA, Malaysia

Professional Qualification

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Areas of Expertise

  • Mathematical Sciences, Statistics, Statistical Modelling
  • Mathematical Sciences, Application Of Mathematics And Statistics In Other Areas, Financial Mathematics
  • Mathematical Sciences, Application Of Mathematics And Statistics In Other Areas, Business,Financial And Managerial Sciences
  • Mathematical Sciences, Mathematics And Statistics For Ict And Industries, Image Processing And Pattern Recognition
  • Mathematical Sciences, Application Of Mathematics And Statistics In Other Areas, Biological And Medical Sciences

Research Interest

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  • Interplay of Percieved Values of Visual Art Consumption Patterns of Malaysian Middle-Class Non-Art Practioner: A Conceptual Model, Qualitative and Quantitative Research Review - Article in Journals
  • Innovative National Policy to Reduce Information Technology Gap, The Edge Markets Magazine - Mass Media(Newspaper,Radio,Tv,Popular Magazine)
  • Solving First Order ODE by Physics-Informed Neural Networks (PINNs) Method, CMS Bulletin - Original Writing
  • Hakka Consciousness in Malaysia: The Perpetuance and the Decline (ERA Indexed) - Article in Proceeding
  • Discussions on the Development of Chinese-Medium Technical and Vocational Education and its Prospect from the Perspective of Merdeka University s Spirit, Ke Arah Baru Pendidikan Bahasa Cina, Dong Zong - Original Writings
  • (A Preliminary Study of The Occupational Training of Malaysian Chinese and Its Regularization Process), (Journal of Dezhou University) - Article in Journals
  • Biodegradation of mono azo dye-Reactive Orange 16 by acclimatizing biomass systems under an integrated anoxic-aerobic REACT sequencing batch moving bed biofilm reactor (ISI-Indexed), Journal of Water Process Engineering - Article in Journals
  • Classification of Dementia Severity in Taiwan based on History-based Clinical Diagnosis System (ISI-Indexed), American Journal of Alzheimer's Disease & Other Dementias - Article in Journals
  • Analysis of Housing Prices in Petaling District Malaysia Using Functional Relationship Model (ISI-Indexed), International Journal of Housing Markets and Analysis - Article in Journals
  • The point-of-care Bilistick method has very short turn-around-time and high accuracy at lower cut-off levels to predict laboratory-measured TSB (ISI-Indexed), Pediatric Research - Article in Journals
  • Efficiency Analysis by Combination Frontier Methods: Evidence from Unreplicated Linear Functional Relationship Model (ISI-Indexed), Business and Economic Horizons - Article in Journals
  • Performance of Finite Order Stochastic Process Generated Universal Portfolios (SCOPUS-Indexed), Malaysian Journal of Mathematical Sciences - Article in Journals
  • Preference of Residential Typologies of Urban Malaysians (SCOPUS-Indexed), Planning Malaysia Journal - Article in Journals
  • The Development of TVET System in Malaysia and Its Challenges Ahead, Journal of Malaysian Chinese Studies - Article in Journals
  • Multiple Un-replicated Linear Functional Relationship Model and Its Application in Real Estate (ISI-Indexed) - Article in Proceeding
  • - Book Chapter
  • Enhanced conflict monitoring via a short-duration, video-assisted deep breathing in healthy young adults: an event-related potential approach through the Go/NoGo paradigm (ISI-Indexed), PeerJ - Article in Journals
  • Performance of Finite Order Distribution-Generated Universal Portfolios (ISI-Indexed) - Article in Proceeding
  • Suspicious Banking Transaction Detection Using Shewhart X-Bar Control Chart - Article in Proceeding
  • Development and Influence of Malaysian Youth Associations in the 1980s: A case study of GBBM - Article in Proceeding
  • Ethnic Consciousness or Civic Consciousness: Re-examine Young Chinese Malaysians Political Decisions and Attributes after the 13th Malaysian General Election, Journal of Chinese Literature and Culture - Article in Journals
  • Recent Chinese Malaysian s Political Decision: A Matter of Rational Choice, International Journal of Social Science and Humanity - Article in Journals
  • Demographic differences in the Saltiness intensity perception and pleasantness ratings of salty solutions and foods among Malaysian subjects (ISI-Indexed), Food Quality and Preference - Article in Journals
  • Efficient handwritten Chinese character recognition system using a two-dimensional functional relationship model (ISI-Indexed), International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science - Article in Journals
  • Multidimensional unreplicated linear functional relationship model with single slope and its coefficient of determination (SCOPUS-Indexed), WSEAS Transactions on Mathematics - Article in Journals
  • Functional Quality and Performance Metric for Some Image Processing Applications, NAUN International Journal of Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Sciences - Article in Journals
  • An Investigation of Causation: The Unreplicated Linear Functional Relationship Model, Journal of Applied Sciences - Article in Journals
  • Video Compression using Wavelet Transform in Time Domain, WSEAS Transactions on Signal Processing - Article in Journals
  • Exploring The Role of Correlations for Analyzing the Malaysian Road Accident Problem, Journal of Technical & Social Research - Article in Journals
  • Critical Remarks On Some Applications Of Digital Image Analysis With Emphasis On Statistical Methodology, Journal of Technology (D) - Article in Journals


  • Proposal for Interior Design & Visitor Narrative for the Hock Leng Keng Temple Extension, Serendah, Selangor,  Co-researcher2023, Private
  • Indeks Perpaduan Negara 2022,  Co-researcher2022, National
  • A Study of Chinese Schools Development in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur,  Project Leader2022 to 2023, Private
  • A Study on Chinese Traditional Religions and Conversion in Malaysia,  Co-researcher2021 to 2022, Private
  • China-ASEAN Vocational Education (from Dezhou University, Shandong, China),  Co-researcher2020 to 2021, International

Awards and Stewardship

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Paper Presented

  • The Experience of Johore Chinese in NGOs Participation and Their Relations, The fifth Biennial International Conference on Malaysian Chinese Studies (CONFERENCE), ORAL PRESENTER , 29/05/2021 to 30/05/2021
  • Development TVET in Malaysia and The Opportunities in Collaborating with China, Dezhou-ASEAN Education Technology Talent Project Cooperation Symposium - (Symposium), INVITED SPEAKER , 24/10/2020 to 24/10/2020